Samantha Cooper

About Sam Coop Art

Samantha Cooper is a San Diego based, mixed media artist, specializing in resin and acrylic work. Her artwork tends to be very bright and vibrant. She enjoys layering with different colors, mediums, and techniques. Each piece is unique, handmade, and one of a kind.

Sam is a self-taught, part-time artist. As a child, her dream job was to be an artist. She has vivid memories of creating elaborate picture books before she could even write. 

Sam Coop Art began as a pandemic, garage hobby in 2020, which quickly grew thanks to the support of close family and friends. Much of Samantha's art is inspired by her home state of California. Many of her canvas pieces include aspects of the California landscape, from the coastal beaches to iconic landmarks. As she has explored other styles of artwork, specifically skate decks, the skateboarding scene, which originated in California, has had a significant impact on her experience and journey as an artist. 

Artist's Statement

I love to create artwork because it allows me to be completely in a flow state. I love the process and the feeling of creating a piece that resonates with someone. It is extremely fulfilling to know that something I have created brings another person joy. The community that surrounds me is my main motivator. The support I receive from my family, friends, and customers is unbelievable. They are truly the reason that I create. To have the opportunity to impact people and to know that so many people believe in me and what I am passionate about is one of the most amazing feelings.

My art has given me the opportunity to connect with so many people whom I would have never met and to travel to places I never would have gone. It also is a constant reminder to let go of control because even when things do not go according to plan, more often than not, something just as good, if not better, will come from it. 


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