Miscellaneous Portfolio

Hand Painted Snowboards

The client requested one outer-space design and one diagonal split dutch pour on their snowboards.

The original boards were sanded, primed, painted, and then coated with clear automotive polyurethane in an attempt for the artwork to withstand the elements.

Acrylic/Polyurethane on various snowboards

Commission a Piece

Custom Snowboard Wrap

The client requested an outer-space themed snowboard wrap including an abstract pour and airbrushed galaxies.

The design was first created on canvas, then printed on high quality vinyl and applied to the customer's snowboard at home.


Commission a Piece

Custom iPhone Case

This iPhone case was inspired by the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The client requested use of black resin.

Acrylic/Resin on iPhone case

Commission a Piece

Custom Stained Glass Panel

The client requested the use of dark blue/green resin with a hand-drawn eagle logo centered on a clear sqare panel.

Acrylic/Resin on 12x12" acrylic panel

Commission a Piece