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Sam Coop Art

Primary Skateboard Deck

Primary Skateboard Deck

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Vibrant Layered Resins on Clear Skateboard Deck

Introducing 'Primary', the ultimate statement piece for any modern home or office. This unique, clear skateboard wall art boasts five layers of red, yellow, blue, orange, and purple resins. Inspired by the primary colors and their complimentary secondary colors, this hand-crafted, transparent skate deck is sure to elevate any space with its vibrant and eye-catching design.

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    8.25" x 32"


    • Acrylic skate deck
    • Bipartite epoxy resin
    • Pigment
    • Molding paste


    • Five layers of red, yellow, blue, orange, and purple resins on a 1/4" acrylic skateboard deck.
    • Ready to hang. Skateboard wall mount included with purchase.
    • Each deck is individually handmade and unique.
    • No two pieces are identical. You will receive a piece similar to, but not precisely the same as the one pictured.
    • Due to the inherent characteristics of the acrylic, this product is available as artwork only. It is not suitable to ride.
    • Due to the nature of the materials used, small imperfections may be present. They do not retract from the beauty or quality of the artwork and are a natural occurrence during the resin curing process.
    • Included with purchase: skateboard deck, acid free deck cover, wall mount, installation instructions, and care instructions.