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Sam Coop Art

Stellar Harmony Skateboard Deck

Stellar Harmony Skateboard Deck

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Stained Glass Sun and Moon Skateboard Deck

This see-through skateboard deck with gorgeous stained glass 'Stellar Harmony' sun and moon design is sure to capture the attention of anyone who lays their eyes on it. The purple and blue resin background adds an element of depth and richness to the design, while the swirling iridescent pearl-colored moon and the bright color-shift yellow and orange sun pop out in brilliant contrast. When exposed to light, whether it be sunlight or artificial illumination, this deck comes alive, showcasing a dynamic range of colors that shift and transform before your eyes.

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    8.25" x 32"


    • Acrylic skate deck
    • Bipartite epoxy resin
    • Pigment
    • Molding paste


    • Traditional stained glass 'Sun and Moon' design with blue, purple, orange, yellow, and white resins on a 1/4" acrylic skateboard deck.
    • Iridescent, color shift pigments in the sun and moon attributes.
    • Ready to hang. Skateboard wall mount included with purchase.
    • Each deck is individually handmade and unique.
    • No two pieces are identical. You will receive a piece similar to, but not precisely the same as the one pictured.
    • Due to the inherent characteristics of the acrylic, this product is available as artwork only. It is not suitable to ride.
    • Due to the nature of the materials used, small imperfections may be present. They do not retract from the beauty or quality of the artwork and are a natural occurrence during the resin curing process.
    • Included with purchase: skateboard deck, acid free deck cover, wall mount, installation instructions, and care instructions.